Medicare Supplement Plans (Medigap)

Benefits offered in all the Medicare supplement policies have been standardized so they can be easily compared between insurance carriers. Eleven plans are available identified as Medigap Plans A through M (except in MA, MN and WI) and carriers choose which plans they’ll offer. Every insurance company must make Plan A available.

The following chart provides a checklist of benefits by each plan so you can compare (not all plans may be available in your state). All plans include these basic benefits:

  • Medicare Part A hospital coinsurance
  • Medicare Part A extended hospital coverage (365 days after Medicare benefits end)
  • Medicare Part A hospice outpatient prescription drug copayment and inpatient respite care coinsurance
  • Medicare Part B coinsurance*
  • Medicare Parts A and B first three pints of blood

* Plan N requires up to a $20 copayment for an office visit and up to a $50 copayment for an emergency room visit
** There is also a high-deductible Plan F