Brenda Rose

My husband and I have had our auto and home insurance coverage with The Young Group of Fuquay for several years. We have always found all of the people we contacted to be polite, caring, knowledgeable and efficient. But a recent visit with their representative, Kathleen Honeycutt, brought tears to my eyes.”

“I was, at that time, about to turn 65, which meant Medicare. I was overwhelmed by all the “stuff” that I had to learn. I was getting bombarded with information from different insurance companies promising the best for me. Should I go straight to Medicare; should I get an Advantage Plan; should I get a Supplemental Plan, what about a Prescription Plan? I have to admit I was extremely frustrated to the point of tears. I had no idea where to turn until a friend suggested the Young Group of Fuquay. Even having been a customer for years I had no idea they helped with Medicare education since I hadn’t needed this information before.

To make a long story short, I met with Kathleen several times (she even offered to come to my home) and called her whenever I needed further explanation or had questions, until I actually understood the different plans and was able to make an educated decision as to what was best for me. Kathleen is not allowed to tell you what to do or make a decision for you, but you will get the education you need to do that for yourself. At this point I cried again, this time tears of joy that it was over!

Not so! I had trouble with one of my medications that was supposed to be covered by Medicare. I spoke with someone at Medicare, my pharmacist, and the insurance company I chose and even though they all agreed that it was covered, neither could tell me what to do to get it covered. Tears again! The medication is expensive and supposed to be covered. I don’t know why, but I called Kathleen even though she has nothing to do with my meds. Instead of telling me this, she assured me that she would look into it. That same afternoon I received a call from her telling me where to go and who to talk to. WOW!! Problem solved. I now get that medication covered by Medicare. Guess what, more tears!

Would I recommend The Young Group of Fuquay to my family and friends, YOU BET!! In fact I already have!!

Brenda Rose February 28, 2016

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